NBA Finals - Cleveland vs Golden State - Odds to Win the NBA Finals #158498#2

Odds to win the 2017-208 NBA Finals Golden State Warriors 1/10 Cleveland Cavaliers 6/1 Max Bets - 100,000 VOT on Golden State - 2,000 VOT on Cleveland The “Odds to Win” wager in pro basketball is also commonly referred to as a future wager. Bettors must correctly select a team to win an event that takes place a later time. The money wagered will be tied up until there is an outcome and bettors will receive fixed odds when they place the wager. To figure out your Win Amount, take the odds and multiply by the amount wagered. Ex. Miami Heat (30/1) to win the NBA Finals. The Heat are listed as a 30/1 betting choice to win the NBA Finals. If you wager $100 on Miami to win the NBA Finals and it captures the championship, then you would win $3,000 (30 ÷ 1 x 100). You would collect $3,100, which includes your win and stake ($100).

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Golden State Warriors 1/10
0.00000000 VOT
Cleveland Cavaliers 6/1
250.00000000 VOT