***VOT Sports Book*** NBA Playoffs Philadelphia at Boston Game 1 - 4/30/2018 8:05pm EST #141389#3

Philadelphia at Boston @ 4/30/2018 8:05pm EST. Spread Philadelphia -3.5 points Boston +3.5 points Over/under 208 Winning bets are paid at even money -10 VOT per 100 VOT wagered. Max Bet 500 VOT Min Bet 10 VOT Bets must be placed at least 5 min before the start of the event. Due to the nature of the blockchain it may be possible to place bets after the start of the game. These bets will be returned It is also possible that the Bet will close prior to 5 min before game time. Please plan accordingly. All winnings will be paid within 8 hours. Spread is the number of points being given or received. In this case if you bet on Philadelphia, you win if the final score has Philadelphia up by more than three points at the end, in the case of a tie you receive back your wager in full. If you bet on Boston in this case, you will win if the final score has Boston losing by less than 3 points or they win. Betting the over means that you think the score of both teams combined will exceed 208. Betting the under means that you think the score of both teams combined will be less than 208. Wagers are returned if the combined score is exactly 208.

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Philadelphia -3.5 points
0.10000000 VOT
Boston +3.5 points
0.10000000 VOT
Total Points OVER 208
0.10000000 VOT
Total Points UNDER 208
0.00000000 VOT