***VOT Sports Book*** NHL Playoffs - Game 1 Boston at Tampa Bay - Sat 4/28 @ 3:00pm EST #139963#2

Boston at Tampa Bay - Sat 4/28 @ 3:00pm EST Boston to win - Bet 100 VOT to win 125 VOT Tampa Bay to win - Bet 145 VOT to win 100 VOT Only bets that include the 1 VOT fee will be acknowledged. Minimum bet is 10 VOT Due to the unknown volume at this time please limit bets to 3X the betting line above. Bets must be placed at least 5 min before the start of the event. Due to the nature of the blockchain it may be possible to place bets after the start of the game. These bets will be returned minus the 1 VOT fee. It is also possible that the Bet will close prior to 5 min before game time. Please plan accordingly. All winnings will be paid within 2 hours of the completion of the game. Accept no substitute! All ***VOT Sports Book*** games will have wallet address t1UfZNoSTmb7fcUZAx26BmkoVgWS7aiUXLh in the fee. Search http://explorer.votecoin.site to ensure the real thing.

Voting has ended

Boston to win +125
0.12300000 VOT
Tampa Bay to win -145
0.11100000 VOT
1 VOT fee - must be placed to ensure payout of winnings
1.00000000 VOT